Corporate profile

Company name
203 Semba Building, 2-5-8 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0047
Managing Director
Ichiro Hishinuma
December, 2009
50,000,000 yen
Number of employees
Correspondent banks
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Kawaramachi Branch)
The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. (Osaka Branch)
The Osaka City Shinkin Bank (Head Office Sales Department)
Contents of business
Provision of trade support for small to medium-sized companies; importing and selling of interior items, building materials, and daily sundries; exporting of foodstuff
Countries where our main clients are located
Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and Italy
Main commodities
Sanitary goods (Dental floss picks, cotton swabs), food containers made of paper, Confectionery supplies, industrial materials, furniture, flooring, Agricultural and fishery products and processed products based thereon, and alcoholic beverages

Management philosophy

To generate happiness for all companies with which we do business.
To contribute to the recovery of the Japanese economy through trade.

Biographical outline of Ichiro Hishinuma

Date of birth
April 2, 1969
1989: Graduated from Reitaku High School (boarding school)
1992: Graduated from Reitaku University (Chinese Language Program, Faculty of Foreign Studies)
Work history
1992: Joined Nomura Trading Co., Ltd.
December 2009: Resigned from Nomura Trading Co., Ltd.
December 2009: Established HISHINUMA TRADING Inc.
Beginning in his first year of working for Nomura Trading Co., Ltd., Ichiro Hishinuma embarked on unaccompanied long term business trips to Indonesia, as well as other Southeast Asian countries, to develop commodities and cultivate suppliers. In addition to fortifying ties with local manufacturers, he transmitted valuable information to Japanese companies and established relationships of trust, which constitute the basis of business dealings in this industry.
By visiting local sites in person and providing credible information in such a manner that attentive support is delivered at a level that cannot be reached by rival trading firms, even business relationships with solid points of contact between small to medium-sized Japanese companies (primarily consisting of companies involved in the distribution of furniture and interior goods) and local manufacturers can be established to contribute to increased sales for all concerned parties.
At the same time, many businesses can not be supported by large trading firms. In this context, HISHINUMA TRADING Inc. was founded with the aim of providing trading support for small to medium-sized Japanese companies. We are developing various lines of business relating to importing and exporting as a trading firm, while sharing information with Nomura Trading Co., Ltd., a company that grasps the essential purpose with which this company was founded.